Huntington Beach City Council Beginning to Question Tito Ortiz’s Political Acumen

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Just months after appointing him as mayor pro tem, Tito Ortiz’s peers on the Huntington Beach City Council are beginning to doubt that the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is the political dynamo they thought he was. In his short time on the council, Ortiz has courted controversy by calling the COVID-19 pandemic a hoax and population control plot, refusing to wear a mask and accidentally casting the decisive vote against a proposal he had himself seconded.

“When we appointed Tito to be first in line to the city mayor position, we thought he was on course to be a real political superstar,” said City Council Member Dan Kalmick following a recent town hall meeting in which city residents berated Ortiz for failing to condemn a KKK rally scheduled for the city after previously deriding Black Lives Matter protestors as invading rapists. “With his track record, there really was just nothing at all we could have looked at to give us the impression that providing him with any more prominence than he already had would be a bad idea or lead to further embarrassment for Tito, the council and the greater Huntington Beach community.”

Ortiz has previously survived one discussion to hold a vote of no confidence over his position as mayor pro tem, though the council has not ruled out the possibility of holding a vote at a future council meeting. It is believed the vote is most likely to occur whenever the other council members get tired of hearing city residents roast Ortiz over an open fire every other week.

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