Ten Questions With: Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones

Get to know former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones

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The world of mixed martial arts is big and full of personalities, and we here at Mixed Martial Artish know that it can be hard to follow and stay on top of everyone you should know. That’s why we are pleased to begin our Ten Questions series, where we sit down with the biggest names in the sport and ask them the kind of hard-hitting questions fans want to hear to help you truly understand what makes these elite athletes who they are.

MMAish: Hey, Jon, thanks for joining me. Did you have any problems with the Zoom?

JBJ: Nope.

MMAish: Great, let’s begin. With your recently announced move to heavyweight and a potential mega-fight with Francis Ngannou, do you think such a big fight finally provides the leverage fighters need to create a stronger labor relationship with the UFC and earn a share of revenue more on par with America’s major sports leagues?

JBJ: Oh, definitely. Fighters at all levels of the promotion aren’t getting their fair shake, and that’s why I’m committed to being a voice for fighter equity as long as it takes for them agree to to pay me, personally, a shitload of money.

MMAish: What do you say to fans who claim you have tarnished your legacy with your multiple positive drug tests?

JBJ: It depends on my mood, but I guess usually that I can kick their ass or sleep with their girlfriend or something.

MMAish: You’ve been through a lot in your career and shared the Octagon with some of the most intimidating fighters in the sport. Is there anything that scares you in MMA?

JBJ: Spiders. If I show up and there’s a spider in the cage I’m out of there. Little guys are creepy as hell.

MMAish: Having been to the very top of the sport in your career, what advice do you have for a young kid just getting started on their MMA journey?

JBJ: [At this point Jones expounded on his training and fighting philosophy, as well as a minutes-long monologue on the mistakes he has made outside of the cage and the valuable lessons they have taught him. In total, the speech lasted for over ten minutes and brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. Immediately following the speech, Jones said to delete it, then noted we were halfway finished.]

MMAish: No, that’s actually just four. Wait, are you counting the Zoom question?

JBJ: Yeah.

MMAish: Are you serious?

JBJ: Yeah.

MMAish: Oh, come the fuck on. That’s ridiculous.

JBJ: Two more.

MMAish: That one wasn’t even a question! Are you fucking kidding me with this shit?

JBJ: Fine. Two more.

MMAish: …


MMAish: Is it hard going through life being such a contemptable dickbag all the time?


MMAish: …


MMAish: Hey pussy, are you still there?

JBJ: Yeah, we’re done here.

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