Supplement-Pushing Podcaster Wants to See the Science on COVID Vaccines

Call the government Anderson Silva because they want to drop you with a jab.

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Popular podcaster Joe Rogan, host of The Joe Rogan Experience, has expressed his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccines currently available, citing his desire to see more information on the efficacy and safety of the products. Rogan stressed that he was not anti-vaccine, he just needed to see some more numbers on the vaccines, which currently have prevented 99.992% of fully vaccinated Americans from needing to be hospitalized with the virus that has killed 567,000 Americans in the last year.

“No,” Rogan scoffed when asked on the air if he would get the vaccine, demonstrating his total indignation at the mere implication that his perfectly tuned male form would be vulnerable to the virus before slamming a shot of TruBrain. “Listen, if you’re soft, sure, you should maybe think about getting the vaccine. If you haven’t been taking care of your body. But there’s no way I’m worrying about this virus. My blood is pumping pure Alpha Brain. My mind on DMT has shown me that my body and spirit are immune to such common concerns as a global pandemic.”

Asked if he would ever be receptive to the idea of getting vaccinated, Rogan conceded it would be possible, but only if the vaccine were subjected to the same stringent oversight and regulation that the nootropic industry faces. Reached for comment, the Center for Disease control said the vaccines, which have undergone a year of testing and study of both their efficacy and safety and are approved by government health bodies around the world, are awaiting entry into a trial where a jacked dude named Brody in a polo that is one size too small swears the vaccines are super safe and will get you healthy as fuck.

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