Pitbulls Rescued From Las Vegas Fighting Ring

It’s believed the Pitbulls had been flown in from around the world.

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Authorities executing a late-night raid on a local fighting gym successfully rescued two Pitbulls who were believed to be frequent competitors in brutal fighting competitions last week. The Pitbulls, named Andrei and Thiago, were handed over to Amy Jefferson, a specialist who has devoted her life to helping Pitbulls acclimate to a life without vicious fights before a bloodthirsty audience.

“You never get used to seeing them treated like this,” Jefferson said. “It’s so heartbreaking to see these beautiful, loving souls forced into such inhumane and terrible situations. The damage these fights do to them is massive, and for what reward? Table scraps, more often than not. It can take a lot of work just getting them to trust that when you come to see them you aren’t there to make them enter the shark tank or do work on their sprawls. The first time you take them to the park and watch them run free and happy, though? You just can’t beat that feeling.”

Andrei, the older of the two Pitbulls, had fought less than two weeks prior, when he was flown to Las Vegas and faced off with an American boxer named Chase. Andrei has already been placed with a foster family, and we are happy to report that he is quickly acclimating to life in his new home, with the couple reporting that he is a real snuggle monster.

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