New Gun Disarm Techniques Provide Students the Joy of Considering a World Where They Don’t Get Shot in Moments Before Being Shot

Okay, so what you’re going to want to do here *BANG*

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Self defense instructor Master Derrick O’Brien offered a free community seminar this weekend, with guests in attendance taught a broad range of gun disarm techniques designed to allow students to imagine a world where they are not in mortal danger immediately before being shot. O’Brien showed several techniques covering topics such as how to imagine not being shot in a stick-up, how to pretend you won’t be shot in the back and getting lost in the thought of rolling to close the distance on an assailant pointing a gun at you from range. Those in attendance had a great time with the new disarming techniques.

“I’m really excited to try these out,” said local liquor store clerk Marty Wilson, who had no prior martial arts experience. “I think I’m going to start flashing the big bills in the till when anyone comes in now so I get a chance to think about redirecting the barrel, collapsing the elbow and dislocating their wrist and taking the gun for myself.”

The seminar stressed the important of drilling the techniques regularly to remain sharp, emphasizing that in a real life situation a victim may only have milliseconds to imagine the entire chain so it’s important to know each step as second nature.

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