Tim Kennedy Accidentally Makes Salient Point About Fair Wages

Welcome to the struggle, comrade.

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A restaurant marquee offering wages that would only provide a sub-living wage to most workers instead of all conceivable workers triggered so much rage in former UFC middleweight contender Tim Kennedy that he was left with no choice but to inadvertently make an excellent point on the value of government-subsidized income. “This is what happens when you pay people to stay home,” remarked Kennedy, acknowledging that by providing safety nets for citizens during a pandemic, workers were no longer incentivized to take jobs that paid so little they still qualified for government assistance despite working full-time hours.

“This is what happens when you incentivize people to not work,” Kennedy added in apparent anger at the capitalistic system in which a reduced supply of labor has lead to increased demand and a corresponding rise in wages for employees.

It is likely Kennedy will remain big mad on the internet for the duration of the increased COVID safety nets, after which America can return to his preferred welfare state where only the companies profiting off of paying sub-poverty wages to their government-aided staff are the true beneficiaries of federal handouts.

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