Local Krav Maga School Falls to 0-37 in MMA After Latest Disqualification

No rules on weapons in the streets.

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The students at Coulton Krav Maga were once again disappointed at a local MMA event, as the team fell to 0-37 in amateur competition, with all 37 bouts ending with the disqualification of the Coulton Krav Maga fighter. The most recent bout was called off at :03 of Round 1, when Coulton Krav Maga’s Jessica Brady attempted to stab Gracie New Haven’s Naomi Williams.

“We’ve had some problems with them in the past,” said athletic commission president Larry Nunes, “which is why we had them on extra protocols including full pat downs for all members of their corner. It appears this time they had concealed the knife inside of a sponge in their fight night bucket, so I guess that’s a thing we need to deal with in the future.”

Gym owner Russell Coulton was, as with the prior bouts, outraged at the decision, insisting there are no rules about weapons on the streets. Prior disqualifications for Coulton fighters have included multiple attempted stabbings, four instances of bringing a gun into the cage, biting, eye gouging and extreme and persistent strikes to the groin. Coulton Krav Maga will next send a fighter to the cage this weekend, and Coulton asserted his fighter would be “ready.”

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