Oops! Dana White HILLARIOUSLY GOOFS By Incorrectly Implying UFC Will Provide Fighters With Basic Benefit

What a ZANY blooper that was!

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Dana White was left with EGG ON HIS FACE on a conference call with the media today when reporters asked about the impending expansion of long-term health care coverage to UFC fighters, only for White to reveal his Instagram comment explicitly saying it would happen “soon” was a real OOPSIEDOODLE. Everyone had a good laugh when White revealed this was all a BIG BONER by the promoter, who said he was actually responding to a different question and tagged the wrong commenter, leading to the COMEDIC FARCE of people mistakenly believing UFC fighters would soon be provided with a basic form of financial and physical protection in their physically demanding and damaging profession. White HYSTERICALLY CONFIRMED that no expansion was coming, and fighters should still expect to be left with no assistance from the promotion once it was done with them. Talk about a WACKY MISUNDERSTANDING!

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