Dana White: If Fighters Want a Career That Protects Their Bodies, Try Stunt Work

This dismissive comparison in no way reflects super poorly on the UFC.

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Dana White lashed out at criticism about the damage MMA does to its competitors by suggesting those concerned with not being physically battered and broken should have gotten into a safer field like professional stunt work when they were teenagers. White offered a career jumping off buildings and getting hit by cars on camera as a safer opportunity for soft quitters unable to withstand the rigors of a mixed martial arts career.

“Listen, these goofs know what they’re signing up for,” White said. “You signed a contract, and that contract says that I’m under no obligation to care about your ability to go up stairs or remember who your family are in ten years. I don’t even care if you fight. You could even say that I’m extremely uncaring when it comes to my fighters.”

White added that it was the fighter’s bad decision to get into the sport in the first place and he was under no contractual obligation to worry about them or acknowledge their humanity in any way. Additional career opportunities suggested by the promoter included participating in unregulated medical trials, cougar wrangling and rodeo clowning.

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