Al Guinee Doesn’t Even Want the $20 Jamahal Hill Owes Him, and He’s Not Mad About It at All

He’s only bringing it up to say how much he doesn’t care about it.

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Referee Al Guinee has let it be known that he’s totally not sweating the $20 Jamahal Hill owes him, and it’s really just not that big a deal. Like, sure, it has been a few months, and Hill said he’d get him back the next time Hill saw him, but Guinee is chill, man, no worries. Yes, it’s true he told everyone that it was a cash only restaurant when they made lunch plans. And yes, he sent a reminder text that morning. But it’s fine. Mistakes happen. Guinee is easy breezy, baby. Don’t even think about it, pal. It’s just, like, whenever Hill can get him back that would be great, but he’s not rushing anything, he’s not a tightwad or something. He and Hill are super good and he doesn’t understand why people keep asking if he’s alright. Just the most relaxed any person has ever been about any topic ever.

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