Pretty Sure You’re the Only Person at Your Gym Without a Podcast

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Your creeping suspicions are bordering on confirmed as yet another teammate has spent class discussing their new podcast with you. The class marked the 17th straight session in which your partner was interested in little else other than describing their new project with you. The podcasts cover the full gamut of life experience, addressing training in martial arts, competing in martial arts and doing both of those things but also you’re high as fuck.

“Yeah, it’s just, like, I felt like I had something that needed to be heard,” said Carlos Martinez, who co-hosts Rolling Then Rolling with Rollz with fellow white belt Roland “Rollz” D’Onoffrio. “I think we’re really going to blow up once people hear it because it’s just hilarious every time. You know how me and Rollz are, we just say anything, ya know? Like, where’d that even come from? Just ‘Los and Rollz doing what we do.”

Attempts after class to say goodbye to Alesha Thomas and thank her for the roll were rebuffed by Thomas who requested that you save it for the pod.

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