UFC Commentary Team Releases Acting MasterClass

*gesticulates wildly*

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If you’re an aspiring actor who keeps missing out on parts because of the subtlety of your approach, the UFC has great news for you. Trained thespians Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier and Jon Anik have teamed up with the pros at MasterClass to offer a premium course in acting excellence. For just $15 a month plus a subscription to ESPN+ and a one-time fee of $69.99 paid directly to Endeavor you can hone your craft with lessons such as “Exploding in Glee” with Cormier and “Orgasmic Bliss at Minor News” with Rogan.

“The fight night reactions of our commentary table have taken the world by storm,” says Anik in an advertisement for the program. “What nobody has known, however, is that we’re actually faking it. While I know you probably watched these videos and thought those were our genuine reactions, in no way manufactured to capitalize on the success of one genuine moment of truly present wonder, the truth is we are actually just elite actors at the height of our abilities.”

Students in the class will learn a range of skills, including reacting largely, broad reactions and emoting in an extreme manner. Enrollment comes with a 100-percent money back guarantee, as every dollar you spend is guaranteed to go back to Austin with Rogan to avoid annoying taxation.

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