Conor McGregor: “Actually, Poirier’s Not a Good Fighter, I’m Just Unfathomably Stupid, Haters.”

Well, don’t we feel stupid.

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Following his second consecutive TKO defeat to Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor has cleared up the record for anyone under the misunderstanding that his defeat was due to actions carried out by Poirier and not his own staggering idiocy. While fans, analysts and Poirier himself had speculated the broken leg which ended McGregor’s night was the result of well-placed checks by Poirier, McGregor countered that the break actually occurred because he entered into the fight with multiple stress fractures before executing a kick-heavy game plan.

“All you fucking worms talking shit don’t know what you’re on about,” McGregor said. “My broken leg had absolutely nothing to do with anything Dustin was doing. That was entirely down to my massively idiotic decision to throw several kicks in both the fight and press conference with a leg that was positively riddled with stress fractures, and I won’t hear none of anything else about it.”

McGregor has already had surgery on the fractured leg and is excited to get into camp for a fourth bout with Poirier, where he plans to follow an overhand-heavy game plan using a hand he will break the week before the fight.

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