ESPN Announces Chael Sonnen to Serve as Guest Analyst for NBA Finals Game Six

Because without this, we’d just be stuck with boring people who understand the sport they’re discussing.

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As the Milwaukee Bucks prepare to host the Phoenix Suns for a potentially decisive game, ESPN is giving the match the big game treatment it deserves, complete with an analyst desk loaded with its loudest and most tangentially aware-of-basketball talking heads. ESPN Chairman Jimmy Pitaro was excited to announce the personnel move in a press release Monday ahead of tomorrow night’s key clash.

“Here at ESPN, we understand the value of someone willing to give an opinion loudly and confidently,” said Pitaro in the missive distributed to NBA media. “There are few in the business more capable of being confidently loud than Chael. We are excited to see his no-doubt well-considered takes on the softness of NBA players and to see how coded he can be with his criticisms of players’ general conduct during and around the game.”

When reached for comment, Maria Taylor, host of ESPN’S “NBA Countdown” show, asked what about the last few weeks gave us any impression that her opinion on who should or shouldn’t be included on “Countdown” broadcasts mattered to anyone in a decision making position at ESPN.

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