Flyweights “Busy That Day” If It’s an MMA Matchmaker Calling for Dagestani Gold Medalist Zaur Uguev

Talk about rotten timing.

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MMA fans tuning into the Olympic wrestling were excited to see another standout Dagestani wrestler take gold, with thoughts of how the Russian athlete Zaur Uguev would translate into MMA competition, however it appears that finding opponents may prove challenging as the entire flyweight division would totally love to but actually they think the’ve already got plans. You know how it is.

“When were you thinking? Oh, shoot, I’m super booked then,” every flyweight said after not pausing to make room for a response. “Gosh, I mean, that’s just so unlucky. There is just nothing I’d love more than to spend 15 minutes locked in a cage with a guy who is absolutely certain to throw me around like a small child for an international audience, and I am just SUPER pissed it isn’t going to work out.”

In addition to being all booked up, the flyweights also noted they’ve been dealing with some injuries in training and also they think they might have COVID, so it would probably be best if Uguev took on someone else for his safety. If you hear anything about an 0-3 fighter out of Michigan needing an opponent, though, don’t lose their number.

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