COVID-19 Earns Its Purple Belt

Already passing at a Black Belt level, to be honest.

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SARS-CoV-2 2019, which goes by COVID-19 in public, earned its purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu today at Hudson County Martial Arts from head instructor Nicholas Mayne. The virus, which had never trained in the art prior to last spring, has had a rapid rise through the ranks due to an unbeatable work ethic and commitment to the art.

“When we first opened back up after shutting down for those two weeks, it was hard,” said Mayne when calling the virus forward for the honor at the end of class. “We weren’t sure who was going to be willing to come out and train, if anyone. But this guy was there day one, eager to get started, and since that day there hasn’t been a class that’s gone by without him out there on the mats. The kind of hustle where it feels like he was in every group at the same time. You know I’m talking about you, buddy, come up here and take this.”

An emotional virus thanked Mayne for the honor, noting that it wasn’t long ago that its days on the mats seemed to be coming to a close through circumstances outside of COVID’s control, but that the team at HCMA really came through when it needed them most. The virus is now dedicated to showing a new level of intensity in the months to come it told teammates while each offered a congratulatory hug.

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