Free Website Offers Exciting Opportunity for You to Give It Money

For just $5 you can get all the same content you can also get for $0!

No comments, a website best described as the opposite of a Gordon Ryan fan blog, is excited to announce the creation of a Mixed Martial Artish Patreon through which readers can now pay money for the freely available content on the blog and and its various social media accounts. The news has readers champing at the bit for the opportunity to start paying for a site that was previously free to read, and will remain entirely free without disruption for those who don’t sign up.

“We took some time to examine martial arts subscription models,” said Mixed Martial Artish CEO Bobby Ingram. “We gave some serious consideration to the FloGrappling model of allowing members to sign up exclusively with a convenient lump-sum annual subscription, however logistically that proved challenging so we have had to instead settle for the borderline-illogical option of a Patreon collecting small, commitment-free payments evert month.”

Ingram also announced plans for the money raised by the Patreon, which will primarily go toward paying additional contributors for the blog, because asking strangers to write for exposure is wack as hell. For more information on the Patreon, including what exactly backers will get for their $5 and specifics about the new content the Patreon will be used to fund, you can visit the Patreon here. There are no jokes in this paragraph. These are the actual reasons and plans for the Patreon. People keep asking to contribute and I don’t take free labor. Help me make new types of articles, and help me pay people to tell their funny and good jokes.

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