BJJ Community Wondering When We’ll Be Done Talking About This

We’ve all agreed it’s bad, and what more else can we do, really?

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With the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world nearly two whole weeks into its reckoning with a wide and deep problem with sexual harassment, abuse and assault, grapplers around the world are asking how long it will be before we can move on and stop talking about it already. While they admit that it is bad and wrong, obviously, and not something they would ever condone, is it really something we need to be talking about every day? Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is supposed to be an escape from stresses and problems, not a place to pick up new ones.

“It’s awful what some of these people have done, of course,” said Reddit Blue Belt ILoveJitsAndTits, “but at the same time, isn’t it all a bit much? Jiu-Jitsu is supposed to be a safe space to enjoy ourselves and learn new things, and every day it’s like I’m being attacked by these new stories that make me feel bad. How is that fair?”

The community expressed its full and unyielding support for those coming forward to share their stories, who are all very brave and strong, but proposed that this Friday be the last day for anyone to do so, in order to allow everyone to move past this difficult time and return to discussing the upcoming Polaris card. While it’s understood that forming this new community has been therapeutic and empowering, the grapplers worry that those coming forward may not fully understand how stressful it can be having your favorite hobby instead turn into something that causes you hurt and shame, and requests that those coming forward extend compassion and understanding to their needs in this difficult time.

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