Blogger Unsure if He Missed the Boat on the Whole “Micro-Adjustments” Thing

Is this how humor works?

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Hey, do you remember that reddit post about the white belt who rolled with a purple belt who let him work and he chalked his success up to how great he’s getting and the micro-adjustments he made? That was fun, right? Everyone had a good time? It’s a whole meme, right? It always seemed like a nice rainy day topic when I didn’t have anything else, but then, it turns out DDS existed, and so I was never short on things to write about. Now here we are months later with no micro-adjustments in sight and I’m worried that it only grows less relevant every day.

Would it still be funny? I mean, I know it was half a year ago now, but would people still laugh at micro-adjustment jokes? Is it evergreen content, like purple belts not warming up? People seem to keep laughing at those, for some reason. Could I break reddit with a joke about a nobody beating Chris Paul in some pick-up game with micro-adjustments? Would that be funny? Screw it, I’m gonna shoot my shot.

So, this post is a new style of writing for the blog now, isn’t it? Never tried this before. It’s almost like I made some… blogging micro-adjustments. A really sneaky backdoor into an article format. Get it? DO YOU GET IT!?!?!?! IS THIS FUNNY!?!?!?!?!

Please validate me.

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