Greatest Striker in MMA History Manages to Win Boxing Match Against Broken-Down Ground-and-Pound Specialist

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In a boxing match featuring two former Ultimate Fighting Champions, Anderson Silva, perhaps the greatest striker in the history of mixed martial arts, somehow found a way to come out on top against ground-and-pound specialist Tito Ortiz. Remarkably, the man famous for having untouchable head movement was able to knock out the man with an unmissable head. Silva, competing in his second boxing match post his MMA career after having previously defeated former World Boxing Council world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., had enough in the toolbox to find a solution for Ortiz, competing in his first boxing match post a political career which saw him repeatedly end up the butt of jokes across the internet. Asked their opinion of the bout after its conclusion, clearly stunned fans said that they found the knockout of Ortiz, who was once scheduled to box UFC president and former boxercise instructor Dana White at the same time Silva was establishing himself as an all-time great, to be “not particularly surprising, to be honest,” and “totally hilarious.”

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