MMA Gym Owner Who Hired Known Predator Warns of Dangers of Trans Inclusion

It’s important to stamp out all threats, real or imagined, that aren’t from your personal friends.

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Andrew Montgomery, owner of Flow Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness, expressed his strong discomfort about trans inclusion in women’s sports in a conversation with his head Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor Tom Jacobs, who Montgomery recently hired after Harris was fired by his previous gym for sexual misconduct toward a student. The two men discussed the issue at the conclusion of Jacobs’s Friday afternoon women’s self-defense and grappling fundamentals class.

“Sometimes it feels like nobody cares about protecting women on the mats,” Montgomery said to Jacobs about his scientifically unfounded concerns, as the coach sat against the wall sending a message to a former student from his burner account. “I just think that there’s nothing more important than making sure women are safe, and this doesn’t feel like that at all to me.”

The conversation left Montgomery feeling “more determined than ever” to do what’s right and look out for women. He immediately took to Facebook to express his concerns in the comments of a post shared by one of his BJJ friends about a subject of which he knows very little but feels very much.

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