Your Friend Who Started BJJ Last Month Has Thoughts on What UFC Fighter Did Wrong

Oh, that is NOT how he would have done it.

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For the fourth fight running, your friend who began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu three weeks ago voiced his strong opinions about what one or both fighters had done incorrectly, and what he would have done in their situation. Your friend, who has taken up to three classes in one week and was cleared to begin live rolling at the start of this week, noted how there were clear opportunities that the UFC fighters simply did not see and act upon effectively.

“Look how he’s pulling him down tight in his guard,” your friend said as a recently-dropped fighter pulled his aggressor into a tight bear hug from bottom. “That’s not good bottom work. When you’re on bottom you want to make space, he needs to be pushing him up into a higher posture here.”

His frustrations continued to grow as multiple fighters neglected to attempt deep half guard despite his repeated imploration for them to shoot their free arm underneath their opponent’s leg and pull their head in close to the fighter on top. He was also dismayed as a fighter being smothered in mount refused to extend both arms up in order to push their opponent away from their face, and noted that a fighter who gave up their back under a barrage of punches leading to a choke should not have exposed their neck like that.

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