Girl Power! Sexist Terminology Isn’t Just for the Boys Anymore

Mash the male monopoly on misogyny.

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Score another win for the woke this weekend at the press conference for Who’s Number One, where grappling star Gabi Garcia showed that it’s not just men who can throw around sexist language to try to shut women up. Take that, patriarchy! Showing up to the press conference in a shirt with “Don’t be a pussy” across the back, Garcia took umbrage to fellow competitor Amanda Leve saying it was unfair that Garcia did not have to weigh-in prior to the event, unlike her competitors in the bracket. Garcia also implied that any requests by the opposition to learn her weight prior to the event was a clear sign her competitors were, in fact, pussies, which is bad. Unfortunately, like all great feminists, Garcia was met with pushback following her heroic stand, with Leve dominating their match and nearly choking Garcia from the back on several occasions.

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