Fans Reminded Watching MMA Supposed to Be Fun

Honestly, if this isn’t your header image for any UFC 268 coverage, we can’t be friends

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Following a UFC 268 card in which every fight featured at least one competitor who would have felt confident about earning a bonus on any other card, MMA fans were surprised to remember that watching the sport was meant to be an enjoyable activity when they started it. From a series of highlight-reel finishes to a fight of the year candidate to two close and technical title fights, MMA enthusiasts delighted at the foreign concept of watching a night of well-contested bouts which left them feeling good about their fandom at the final clapper.

“What an incredible night of fights,” said 12-year fan Kimberly Rosa. “Sure, not every fight went the way I would have wanted, but there was never a boring bout. I forgot that I started watching MMA because I enjoyed seeing two skilled competitors face off against one another, and not to read about who threw what slur at which group or what problems the greatest to ever do it has wrought upon the world today.”

The euphoria provided by the event was said to have lasted for as many as 30 minutes after the final bout, at which point Colby Covington began speaking again, MMA media treated a manager slapping a jiu-jitsu player like important news worth covering and everyone remembered Pat Barry still exists.

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