Back Judge Warns He’s Going to Take Yards if Cornerback Doesn’t Stop Committing Pass Interference

We’ve been over this in the dressing room.

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The officiating crew working Sunday Night Football’s contest between the Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders, spotting a pass interference infraction by Chief’s cornerback Rashad Fenton, threw a flag on the play, warning Fenton that if he did it again, they would have no choice but to take some yards. The flag occurred on a long passing route in which Fenton opted to tackle the Raider receiver several yards before the ball arrived, breaking up the play.

“Listen, buddy, I know you’re not trying to do it,” said back judge Steve Patrick, “but I need you to watch your spacing on those break-ups. Let’s keep it clean and have a good game, alright?”

Fenton received subsequent warnings for holding, taunting, roughing the passer and unnecessary roughness. Following a second flag for pass interference for bringing down Hunter Renfrow on an otherwise clear touchdown play, crew chief Bill Vinovich said that this was his last warning, and any further infractions would force the referees to enforce the league’s rule book.

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