Black Belt World Champion Probably Wants Dudes to Ask if She Has an OnlyFans

Gonna be so happy to learn she’s hot enough.

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Having dedicated nearly two decades of her life to reaching the top of her craft, dudes are pretty sure a three time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion is totally stoked every time a guy slides into her DMs to ask for that OnlyFans. The heartwarming messages reassure her that, despite her accomplishments on the mats, she does not have to worry that they will overshadow her more important accomplishment of having breasts and a vagina.

“The way she dominated at the last ADCC was amazing,” said Devin McCaffery, who will be starting training soon, “she was so smooth and just looked so good out there that I had to google for bikini pictures. While those were nice, I knew she’d appreciate hearing she’s so hot she could totally make a killing with nudes.”

Users are sure that she must be excited receiving so many reminders of her worth after every post and accomplishment. It’s also reported that despite the compliments, she remains unreceptive to the business opportunity, and many have found her responses to be rude and ungrateful.

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