Shortsless Spats-wearer Saved as Teammate Identifies Concerning Mole on Penis

And you said defining your entire junk every class is a BAD idea.

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Oncologist Rita Davis helped to save the life of teammate Kyle Samuels through her early diagnosis of a concerning mole on Samuels’ penis, which caught her attention during warm-ups. The mole, displayed clearly by Samuels’ decision to wear spats with nothing else over them, was precancerous, allowing for prompt treatment.

“I can not stress enough how much I wish I wasn’t able to say this to you with such certainty,” Davis said, approaching Samuels as he completed a set of jumping jacks, “but the changing shape and size of that mole over the last few months is a clear warning sign and I believe you should see your doctor about that yesterday.”

After meeting with his general practitioner and a consult with a specialist, Samuels was scheduled for a successful surgery to remove the growth. Samuels was shaken up by the situation, but also extremely grateful for his decision to buy all his spats a size smaller.

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