Students Beginning to Suspect Gym Just a Scam to Push CBD Oils

Completely baseless discussion, the gym claims.

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Although their reasons for joining cover a range of goals from fitness to self-defense to competition, students at Warren Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness have begun to suspect their primary value to the establishment exists in their ability to purchase CBD products at the end of class. While the school once used its social media platform to promote its broad range of available classes as well as the performance of its students at tournaments and other competitions, it has been several months since a post went up without using a CBD-based hashtag or subtle background placement of the various products on offer at the front desk.

“When I started, they had a few tinctures up at the front desk if you wanted them,” said purple belt Melanie DuBois, “but you could also buy, like, hand wraps and mouth guards and stuff. Now with all the pills, lotions and edibles it’s hard to find anything else. At least they are willing to give you a free sample to see how it feels.”

Reached for comment, the gym denied any truth to the rumors in the strongest terms. Owner and head instructor Mark Carlos insisted there was absolutely nothing to the accusations, though he did understand why some gyms may get into the business, especially when CBD is such a high-quality product and available at such unbeatable prices that you’d be crazy not to buy it. He added that the line of thinking struck him as slightly paranoid, if he was being honest, and the kind of thing which might settle down with a morning pill or drop of oil in students’ coffee.

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