Mixed Martial Artish Returns to Action 12/13 With UFC 269

Coming back to take out all you sorry motherfuckers at the top.

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In news which is sure to reverberate around the mixed martial arts world, Mixed Martial Artish has announced an end to its blogging retirement, previously announced on Wednesday of this week. It has been rumored that blogger Bobby Ingram was considering a return to the form, but this announcement confirms it.

“What’s up everyone,” Ingram said in a story posted to his Instagram account. “Super excited to announce that I’ve got a new blog agreement sitting in front of me and we’re going to do this again, brother. When I announced that retirement, I meant it, but when I look around the blogging world, I feel like I’ve still got another run in me.”

Mixed Martial Artish will resume its regular blogging beginning with this Monday’s post about how Joe Rogan said something really stupid on the pay-per-view broadcast, or about which fighter almost died at weigh-in this week.

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