Diego Sanchez Still Not Buckling Up, “Waiting for the Best Tech,” Following Crash, Ejection

It’s just a fancy horse-and-buggy accident anyhow.

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Former UFC Lightweight Title challenger Diego Sanchez continues to document his battle with the effects of a car crash which left him hospitalized and dealing with breathing difficulties, weakness in his extremities and violent bouts of nausea. Sanchez, who was not belted, was ejected through the windshield in the accident, suffering lacerations, fractures and a punctured lung.

“My boy Jonny Bones told me this car accident thing was serious business,” Sanchez said on Twitter Tuesday, “but I’m a professional athlete in peak physical condition. Most people don’t even get in car accidents, and if I did, I figured my natural immunity from years of fighting would help. I’ve got to say though, being projected face-first through a glass barrier at 90 miles-an-hour is really kicking my ass.”

Despite the challenging recovery process, Sanchez noted he is still skeptical about using a seatbelt. Although he stressed he is not anti-belt, he noted that with how quickly safety advancements occur, he didn’t want to rush into any kind of major decision when 99% of people who are in car accidents don’t even get ejected.

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