Man Who Just Texted His Ex From an Unlisted Number Excited About Opportunity to Teach Women’s Self Defense

It’s a dangerous world out there for women, after all.

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Florence Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness is proud to announce the launch of their new women’s self-defense program, taught by the school’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kids program assistant coach Mark Diamond, who has over five years of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and three years of intense study in the terrors women can face from a man. Diamond, who possesses eight different email addresses from which to send cryptically threatening messages to his former partner, expressed his profound joy at the opportunity to work so closely with a roomful of women and share what he knows about the threat men can pose.

“It can be scary out there in the world,” Diamond said in a comment on the gym’s announcement of the new classes, which he shared to his story before sending a direct message from a burner account begging his ex to just answer him. “I think it’s important for women to know about the risks they may encounter and learn how to react in the event of the biggest danger women face, a random stranger attacking them out of the blue on the streets.”

Diamond also expressed his interest in getting close with his students to demonstrate how to extricate themselves from close grips, and hopes they could use it in the future, though has some concerns he may accidentally teach the moves to some heartless bitches who can’t be trusted not to hurt men who don’t deserve it. The classes begin next Friday, and Diamond is available for supplementary free privates at his apartment for students who meet his qualifications.

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