Tyron Woodley Victorious Over Jake Paul During In-Ring Dream

The victory sits along vicious KOs of Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman.

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Former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley avenged an earlier decision loss to Jake Paul by knocking the YouTube celebrity unconscious during a dream which he experienced inside the ring at Tampa’s Amalie Arena. The savage blow landed by Woodley netted the former champion an additional $500,000, and silenced critics who rained abuse down on the professional fighter following his defeat at the hands of a man who became famous for being dumb on the internet. Woodley had folded Paul with punishing body shots earlier in the dream, piling on the pace as the fight went on before connecting with a three-punch combination which stiffened the young millionaire on his feet, sending him falling to the canvas like a felled tree. The victory served as a launching point for a highly successful 2022 in which he won four more boxing matches to claim Canelo Álvarez’s title, accumulated $17.5 million in purse money and maintained his unbeaten record on The Titan Games.

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