Troll Disingenuously Makes Salient Point for Fans to Ignore

Cheers to Jake Paul for this very sincere and heartfelt push for the fighters at the bottom.

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Part-time boxer and full-time guy-on-the-internet Jake Paul fired another volley in his good-guy-free war of words with UFC president Dana White, once again making some relevant and accurate points about fighter compensation which he doesn’t actually care about and which fans will happily ignore in favor of sharing the resulting chain of video responses between the two self-obsessed men. Paul, who raised valid concerns like offering a minimum fight purse which would allow the UFC to go an entire event without fighters talking about how broke they are in their post fight interviews, also put out a call for UFC fighters to band together and take what they are owed, which they will ignore in favor of responding to his closing line about his desire to knock some of them out in the process. At press time, fans are currently weighing-in over which of Paul or White is actually the little bitch, while fighters jockey for position to be the next crossover combatant to face Paul in a boxing match.

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