UFC’s Unbeatable Freedom of Speech Facing Crisis After Fighter Offers Mild Criticism of Pay

Freedom of speech is only for cool things like racism.

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship, which has made a name for itself as an organization where free speech is tantamount and where fighters are not beholden to the PC mobs of cancel culture saw its unassailable claim as the premier free speech organization in the world jeopardized today after a fighter questioned whether current compensation levels were entirely fair. After noting the difficulties of trying to make it as a fighter on minimum purses, with little left over after factoring in the cost of training, management fees and paying for the presence of a second and third corner person at the fight, the fighter acknowledged many improvements such as larger purses or monthly salaries could help to raise the overall level of performance in the UFC by allowing fighters to focus on nothing other than their training and preparation. New compensation packages may be “worth considering” they said in an appearance on MMA podcast “The Grappler and the Groper” to discuss their recent win on the undercard of a UFC pay per view, the third straight first round finish for the young prospect.

“Listen, if you want to have a higher-paying career with more job security, go bus tables at a new restaurant,” White said. “This is the UF-fucking-C, the world’s number one mixed martial arts organization. We are a multi-billion dollar organization, not a charity.”

Although the UFC did not return requests for comments on the fighter’s standing with the promotion in light of their thoughtless commentary, they no longer appear as the #12-ranked contender in their division and their profile has been removed from the UFC website.

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