Man Sharing Gym Weird Guy Meme Completely Unaware He Is the Gym Weird Guy

He captioned it “LOL SO TRUE 😂🤣😂🤣😂😭😭😭🤮🤮🤮”

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Blue belt Tyler Soriano, who routinely makes teammates at Lion Mixed Martial Arts uncomfortable in nearly every interaction, today shared a meme on Facebook from one of his teammates addressing that awkward moment when you walk into the locker room and only the gym weirdo is inside. The decision to share the meme left Corey Mahone, the original sharer, confused and vaguely concerned.

“Who is he thinking about when he shares this,” Mahone asked. “And why did he share a screenshot of an animated gif? That is so much more work than just sharing my gif. He had to crop it!”

Soriano, who reportedly stands too close during all conversations, wears spats with no shorts and performs an extensive and explicit stretching routine after every class, reacted to the initial post with the “Care” hug reaction before commenting “Looking good! What happened?” on a picture on Mahone’s page from when the 33-year-old CPA was on spring break as a college sophomore.

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