Cool, Free Thinking Renegade: “Be Nicer to the Boss, Guys.”

What will this crazy guy think of next!?!?!?

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UFC Bantamweight prospect Shane O’Malley, a favorite among some sectors of the UFC’s fans due to his brash style and willingness to say anything about anybody, is at it again as he hit out at UFC Heavyweight Francis Ngannou for not calling Dana White “His Royal Majesty Mr. White” and doing whatever the UFC president says. The outburst on the podcast joins a long list of shots at his peers such as discussing which female fighters are fuckable and which male fighters are embarrassing, simpering cowards.

“Listen, Dana is your boss,” O’Malley said about Ngannou, the independent contractor currently going through a public effort to further distance himself from UFC control and contracts. “It’s not your place to advocate for yourself, or do what you think is best. When Dana tells you to to polish his dome, your only questions should be ‘how shiny’ and ‘where should I start licking, sir?’ When has being the squeaky wheel ever worked out for someone in this sport?”

O’Malley, who has a track record of being selective with his fights and was openly angry with the UFC’s treatment of him on his podcast as recently as this fall, also suggested Ngannou’s behavior will weaken his negotiating position during negotiations the heavyweight champion has expressed his explicit desire not to have.

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