Our Thoughts on the Latest Controversy

A statement.

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Greetings friends, we wanted to take this moment to address some of the controversy that has been going on over the last week regarding the veracity of the news reporting on this here site. First of all, we would like to thank all of those who took the time to comment that, actually, it was our haters who sucked. That meant so much to us and we can never truly convey the level of appreciation we hold for each and everyone of you.

Recently the tone of conversation around our site has featured accusations which we found to be hurtful and untrue. Our critics claim that we are “not news” and are “just making this up” and “did any of this even really happen???” We have faced accusations that our staff have embellished some of the stories which appear on this publication, and outright falsified others.

The criticism in particular has focused around the work of two individuals, writer Spots McKinley and editor Words McIntyre. We would like to take this moment to reiterate that these individuals are both highly esteemed within their profession and definitely real. Those claiming otherwise are engaging in a malicious and harmful slander and libel which we will not tolerate. And why is it nobody wants to talk about all of the things we get right? Just the other week we ran an article by three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Winks O’Hallahan looking into the vile treatment of our nation’s regionally-themed Pitbulls and Gangsters. Where was the criticism then?

When we started this website, we had no intentions of becoming the world’s number one, and frankly, only mixed martial arts news site. We were just looking for a place where we could write about the latest fights and which grapplers are giant knob heads. What we found, however, is that we are so much better at this than anyone else in the game. And we now understand that with great power comes, occasionally, the smallest possible amount of responsibility and accountability.

That is why we are here to make this solemn pledge to you. We promise in the future to only publish articles by individuals with journalism ethics and corporeal forms. We promise in the future to read more than just a headline before writing an article about it. We promise in the future a maximum of two articles per week based entirely off something we heard some guy say one time. And you promise not to think about what is implied about our previous practices by promising to start doing this now.

Lastly, we want to address the recent insistence from Colby Covington that we fire the offending authors or remove his articles from our website. We want to reiterate our undying lack of love or respect for Mr. Covington and the work he has done both inside and outside of our virtual walls. We will not be removing his guests author pieces, and we wish him nothing but sadness from here until eternity.

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