Joe Rogan Adopts Bizarre British Persona for UFC 271 Broadcast

He’s been under pressure, but this was strange.

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The story of embattled UFC commentator Joe Rogan took another strange twist Saturday night at UFC 271, as the broadcaster completed the entire event using a British accent. The baffling persona adopted by Rogan went so far as to include an alias, with broadcasting partners Jon Anik and Daniel Cormier referring to Rogan as “Michael” throughout the event and at one point pretending to relay information Rogan had texted to them “from home.” The choice to use a British accent was never explained, and left fans tuning in understandably confused.

“What was he trying to accomplish with that,” asked long time UFC fan Shawn Pedrano. “Were we supposed to think it was someone else on the broadcast entirely? I mean, how stupid do they think we are? I dunno, maybe he’s trying to fill out his reel.”

Fans of the comedian noted he did do a pretty good job, saying it was a bang on Mancunian accent with a tinge of Cypriot, but are still looking for answers. They hope to hear more about it on one of this week’s episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience, with scheduled appearances by Brandon Schaub, a senior Proud Boys official and that doctor who says endometriosis and cervical cysts are from sleep-banging demons.

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