Israel Adesanya Vacates Middleweight Title After “Totally Valid” Criticism From Michael Chandler

The ex-champ could learn a thing or two from the non-champ.

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UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya has renounced his claim to the title following social media criticism by lightweight Michael Chandler, loser by knockout in a thrilling fight in his lone UFC title fight, about the excitement level of Adesanya’s sixth middleweight title fight victory. Chandler, who is known for an all-action fighting style and is 6-6 in pulse-pounding title fights in his career, said that Adesanya should show up to fight, not to spar, as he felt the champ did in besting former champion Robert Whittaker for the second time to move to 22-0 as a middleweight and remain the only man to beat Whittaker in his eight years at middleweight. Adesanya plans to take some time off and work with a sports psychologist who can help him grow a spine and start throwing bombs like a real fighter.

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