“Grappling Is Like Chess,” Says 300-pound Teammate Currently Strangling You

“It’s cool how it’s skill, not size, that matters.”

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One of the things that’s so neat about BJJ, according to the man twice your size currently transitioning off of a seated position on your chest to begin constricting the flow of blood to your brain, is how it’s really a mental sport, not a physical one. Any time you find yourself in a bad position, such as having a muscular arm the size of your torso slowly crushing you to death with your own shoulder, you know it’s because you have made one, if not several, critical tactical errors. It’s really satisfying to know that when you win or lose, it’s just because of your skilled actions, and not because you can effortless press your opponent over your head,

“It’s all about seeing the moves several turns ahead of time and setting traps,” he said with a smile as you reset, before grabbing you in a bearhug and falling on top of you.

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