Martial Arts Community Expresses Strong Support of Vigilante Justice for Child Predators Who Aren’t Your Friend

Someone I don’t know harming someone I do know should never be forgiven.

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Responding to news of Cain Velasquez’s arrest for ramming then opening fire on a car which contained three people, one of whom has been charged with horrific crimes of abusing a minor related to the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, the martial arts community has come out in force to state their strong support for vigilante retaliation against those who commit such acts while not also being your personal friend and training partner. Velasquez, who reportedly very nearly even hit the man responsible for the crime during the incident which saw the man’s father in-law struck by a bullet, has been showered with support from fellow fighters, coaches and followers of MMA.

“I stand with Cain,” multiple-time No-Gi BJJ world champion Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu posted to his Instagram story. “If anyone EVER does anything like that with a child who is closer to me than they are, I’d do the same thing.”

While his supporters noted it would have been better if the child-molester was the actual victim of Velasquez’s shooting, it still felt good to think about the idea of capital consequences for the monstrous abuser.

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