Joe Rogan Makes Triumphant Return From Cancellation/Week Off

His absence was an outrage or a win for worker’s choice, which is also an outrage.

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After skipping his usual announcing responsibilities for UFC 271, Joe Rogan returned to cageside for the grudge-cuddle between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272. Rogan, who missed the prior broadcast due to the bloodthirsty cancel culture of the left or a personal decision to not do a job he doesn’t need the money for at a time where he was facing intense public criticism which he found easier to just avoid altogether, was back in the booth for both color commentary and post-fight interview roles. The return marks a resounding success either for those who think racism and misinformation are actually chill or those who oppose the idea of people taking time off from work. The absence comes after either an appalling display of social justice gone wild or a healthier work-life balance saw Rogan sit out four of thirteen UFC pay-per-view broadcasts in 2021.

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