Masvidal Vows to Kick Covington’s Ass if Ever Given the Chance to Fight Him

Covington better hope he never gets the chance to lay hands on him.

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UFC welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal has put out a warning to fellow welterweight Colby Covington that he will kick Covington’s ass if ever given the opportunity. Masvidal, who was unimpressed with Covington’s performance in a recent victory at UFC 272, vowed to shatter Covington’s jaw and knock him out cold if the two ever find the opportunity to finally escalate their feud from words into actions.

“When I look at that punk and watch him wrestle his way to a decision, all I can think about is how horribly I’d beat that ass if given the chance,” Masvidal said in an interview Sunday following a decision defeat the night before. “He better hope he never finds himself in a situation where I’m free to throw these hands or he’s going to have a bad time.”

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