UFC Takes Stand Against Domestic Abusers Who Can’t Fight or Draw

Unacceptable behavior from someone so bad at fighting.

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The UFC has released heavyweight also-ran and former NFL player Greg Hardy, the first casualty of the organization’s stringent new code of conduct policy for mediocre fighters. Hardy, who found his way to the UFC after NFL franchises deemed strangling his partner hard enough to leave marks then throwing her onto a bed covered in guns was no longer tolerable from a player who hadn’t made All-Pro for two seasons, was scooped up by the UFC immediately. After two wins on Dana White’s Contender Series and a sanctioned bout outside the promotion, Hardy made his UFC debut in a series of highly-promoted and carefully matched bouts before hitting the skids and losing four of his last six bouts.

“Listen, we take that shit seriously here,” Dana White said when asked for comment. “There is positively zero tolerance for violence or sexual assault against women by fighters who have post sub-.500 records with us, get stopped three straight times and fail to ever meet our expectations as a draw. Just no place for that at all. Bye.”

The release of Hardy was just one subject touched on by White at the press conference, as he also answered questions about the potential return in 2022 of two of the sports biggest stars as the UFC works to make fights for former champions Jon Jones and Conor McGregor. Fans can’t wait!

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