Sean Strickland Threatens to Viciously Outpoint Khalil Rountree if He Ever Sees Him on the Streets

Don’t walk the walk unless you can talk the talk, bro.

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Khalil Rountree has been put on notice to watch his back when he goes outside lest he find himself on the wrong side of a tactically efficient assault from fellow UFC fighter Sean Strickland. Rountree, who finished Karl Roberson with a tornado of violence at UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Ankalaev this past weekend, followed up his Performance of the Night victory with an emotional plea to those struggling to keep pushing on with a promise that things can get better and that they are loved. Strickland was unimpressed with Rountree’s inability to repress normal human emotion in favor of maintaining a tired and ill-fitting alpha killer persona.

“Look at this wack shit,” Strickland tweeted along with a video of the press conference he had carefully curated to best make his point. “Is this the way a good, strong, straight man behaves? Beating a man until he can no longer fight back in the cage then expressing their care for others outside of it? I think not. This is beta-cuck bullshit. Real men make a show of performative hard living while accidentally revealing they’re too scared to even check their own mail without carrying, use press conferences to fantasize about killing their opponent with their bare hands, then carry out a careful and precise attack in the cage which allows them to do slightly more work than their opponent each round.”

While Strickland has been met with some pushback for his comments, he was dismissive of his haters, noting that the fact they felt the need to write about him on their social media clearly shows they’re beta losers who are subservient to him as the subject of their posting.

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