UFC Fighters: They’re Just Like Us!

You and me both!

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While it can be easy to see professional athletes and think there’s no possible way you could ever relate to them, the UFC wants its fans to know its fighters are regular people just like them who hang out with friends, shop for groceries and earn an increasingly small slice of revenue generated for their employer by their labor. Through methods such as its popular Embedded series which shows fighters in their everyday lives, and press conferences where Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel or UFC President Dana White brag about the record profits the company generates each year, the company wisely shows that its fighters are relatable everyday folk who also find themselves unable to secure the compensation they deserve due to diligent and effective union-busting and fear tactics. In fact, just like you and me, fighters even work for employers who think they’re too stupid to ask how much revenue went up in the same period when their bosses note an increase in compensation which is less than 1/10 as sharp as the company’s increased profitability. Talk about relatable!

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