MMA Coach Discovers Newfound Interest in College Swimming, Protecting Women

They’ve been a lifelong fan and advocate for days now.

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According to your coach’s recent Facebook postings, he has discovered a new pair of pursuits he had previously shown no interest in — women’s collegiate swimming and protecting women from predators looking to take advantage of them. Incited by the recent dominance of Penn swimmer Lia Thomas, who laid waste to the field by winning one of the three events she entered and setting no world, NCAA or pool records in the process, your coach shared a series of articles and also addressed the performance directly:

“Look, anyone who knows me knows that I am all for inclusion,” he wrote on the post. “I think that it’s totally fine if transgender women want to participate in sports, but I draw the line with them being allowed to be good at those sports. Totally out of line. Instead, I think the compassionate option is to create a new division just for them which is separate from women’s divisions, but receives equal prizes. And, sure, with so many fewer athletes available this will mean some combining of weight, age and skill classes, but what’s important is that we are being safe.”

Your coach drove home the unfairness of Thomas’ participation by pointing out that she even beat an Olympic Silver Medalist, something a cisgender college student clearly could not have done, noting the former Olympian’s third place finish in Thomas’ championship event.

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