Tragic: You Won’t Believe the Heartbreaking Story We Saw and Aggregated Without any Further Research or Context

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World kickboxing champion Maksym Kagal has died fighting Russian forces in the Ukrainian city Mariupol, and we have carried out our journalistic duty to share this news with you in a convenient social media post without wasting time on boring details and background information. By avoiding the urge to ask questions like “what world championship did he win?” or “what’s the deal with that flag he’s holding and the logos on his shirt?” we likewise spare you from having to ask any bothersome questions about why we view stories in the binary of “good vs. bad” or whether an official spokesman saying “only 10- to 20-percent” of the members of a group are nazis is a good excuse to treat them as a laudable force worthy of crocodile tears on social media. Isn’t it more fun to just hit that share button and click the Sad react? You know it is!

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