New, Forgetful Fans Stunned as Dana White Undermines Black Champion’s Legitimacy

Dana “With a Capital-W” White.

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UFC president Dana White expressed his displeasure with the decision in UFC 273’s Bantamweight Title Fight which saw Aljamain Sterling retain his title against former-champion Petr Yan, shocking anyone who just started following the sport or who lacks long-term memory. Despite out-landing Yan in the opening round and maintaining back control for the majority of rounds two and three, Sterling has faced criticism from fans claiming the decision was a robbery, and White saw fit to throw his hat into the ring with those who feel his champion is invalid, a decision which would be viewed as shocking promotional malpractice by anyone who has no prior knowledge of the sport and the UFC’s president.

While the claim may be rationalized as building hype for a third bout between Sterling and Yan, White was quick to note that TJ Dillashaw was next in line for Sterling’s “title,” and his vocal disgust at the decision was merely an effort to remain true to his self and his strong belief in undercutting his champions of color at every opportunity, adding that nobody wants to see Henry Cejudo challenge Alexander Volkanovski and that it was such a shame Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou were too afraid of competing to fight anyone.

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