Retraction: We Had Not Considered Dana Promotes Fights With Black Fighters

The offending reporter has been fired into the sun.

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On Tuesday we published an article implying Dana White has a long track record of treating his champions of color more negatively than white champions in similar circumstances. Regretfully, this article was based on flimsy evidence like two decades of unhealthy-focus paid to the sport of mixed martial arts spent listening to the things Dana says, and the repeated assertions of multiple former and current black fighters in the UFC. After publication, it was brought to our attention by a collective of white bros, gym owners whose official pages have hundreds of class pictures with no black students and liberals & libertarians mad that their Gordon-mocking-yuks account was rudely publishing the kind of content it has posted since launch, that we had neglected to consider that, nuh uh, ’cause actually, like, how about the fact sometimes he is actually NICE to the black fighters when they can make him a lot of money?

After careful consideration within the newsroom we have been forced to admit this is no small oversight and thus we have taken the technically-unprecedented action of offering this formal retraction to acknowledge that there are great people on both sides of the “maybe don’t be shitty to fighters because of their skin color” argument in MMA. Rest assured we are as upset about this error as you are, and you can breathe easy knowing we will be back to our usual standard of flawlessly impeccable reporting in the future.

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